Maths article writers wanted to write 500 word articles @ $1.1 / article

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Job Description

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Here are some sample articles and there keywords:

1) Octagon
Area of a Octagon
Area of Sector of Circle

2) Median
Formula for Median
Ohms Law Formula

3) Cardinal Numbers
What are Cardinal Numbers
All Odd Numbers

4) Parallel Lines
Define Parallel Lines
Define Prime Numbers

5) Closure Property
Closure Property of Addition
Multiplicative Property of Zero

6) Similar Triangles
Similarity of Triangles
Acute Triangles

7) Percentage Error
Percentage Error
calculate percent error

8) Percentage Difference
Percentage Difference
Difference Quotient Calculator

9) Percent Of a Number
Percent Of a Number
Percent Error Calculator

10) Graph of a Function
Graph of a Function
Misleading Graph

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