MediTech Scripting using Summit Scripting Toolkit


Job Description

SKILLS REQUIRED: This project requires expertise with the Summit Scripting Toolkit as applied to the MediTech EMR.

BACKGROUND: We are a software services provider implementing a documentation system for a medical center. This project is related to 7 RTF templates that the medical center's physicians use to generate medical notes. Each of those 7 templates corresponds to a unique form (called an "intervention") in the MediTech PCS v.5.6.5 EMR.

REQUIREMENT: The requirement is to insert structured and free-text data from RTF documents generated using the 7 templates into their respective interventions in MediTech, in the appropriate patients' records and with the appropriate physician/author credentials.

MATERIALS PROVIDED: You will be required to sign an NDA, which will be provided to individuals who express interest in this project. After you have signed the NDA, you will be provided with access to the 7 RTF templates and the 7 corresponding interventions in the EMR.