Medical Transcriptionists Wanted by U.S. MTSO

Medical Transcriptionists Wanted by U.S. MTSO


Job Description


My name is Perry Wolkis. I am the President and CEO of MedScribe Health Information Management. MedScribe has been providing high quality medical transcription in the United States since 1961. Currently MedScribe is working with an acute care account for the past 7 years. We have decided to try Philippine medical transcriptionists to work on this account. This account has some ESL dictators, some mumblers, some that are speedy and some that are easy. The group that we are looking for MUST have current ExText/ExEditor experience, must maintain a 99+% accuracy rate in acute care and must be extremely cost effective as well as the requirement to provide consistent fast turnaround of these dictations with around the clock service. The work is a combination of straight transcription and speech recognition editing which consists of Admin Notes, H&Ps, Discharge Summaries and Hospital Consultation Reports. We must put the right Philippine transcriptionists in place to create the ultimate long term mutually beneficial relationship between MedScribe, the hospital account and the right Philippine MT/SR Editor.

Hardware/Software requirements: MUST HAVE Windows XP, MS Word 2003, Dictaphone foot pedals with phone jack into USB adapter. Please do not reply if you do not have the correct equipment or experience. We also prefer an organization with a U.S. telephone number.

We have been told that MedScribe is an excellent company to work for by individuals and groups. Our goal is to continue that excellent reputation within the right group or individuals in the Philippines. Please only reply to this message if yu or your organization is truly qualified as per the above requirements and very cost effective. Also, please do not try to look up our phone number and call. I am looking for email responses ONLY at this time. We will reply to your message as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in this excellent opportunity. We look forward to learning why you or your group would be the best fit for our need.

Best Regards,
Perry Wolkis
MedScribe Health Information Management
E: [email protected]

Skills: management