Medical Websites

Medical Websites


Job Description

Dear ….,

I am about to launch a website with health and medical contents, that covers every topic from flu to cancer.
I am planning to launch and position the websites in different regions, mainly in Africa and Southamerica.
Therefore I will be publishing the same Website in 4 different languages with 4 different domains for the different regions.
The only source of income is Advertising, therefore I need qualified traffic, which will be done through SEO.
The Websites will be based on Wordpress Themes and will therefore be already SE-optimized from a technical view.

My question to you is:

Can you execute the relevant steps in order to reach traffic goals (SEO Rankings) for all mentioned regions and the different languages.
What sort of budget do i need to calculate with in order to reach traffic goals?
I am open to any useful suggestions (eg.: a flat fee plus a bonus, when respective goals are met!)
What sort of work could be done by you and what needs to be done by myself?

Skills: backlinking, off-page