Metro looking web page in html for local use


Job Description

I need a simple 1 page with a windows 8 metro look to it.
view this examples:

The page will be front end for a command line utility, and distributed with this utility to run locally on a computer. It will not be hosted on a website.

The metro boxes will open up a few folder locations on a local computer.
"If possible" I would like 2 of the boxes to launch batch scripts (using vbscript maybe), however if this does not work out, I just need the folder opened where the batches will be installed.

The index page must be in .html format (not .php or other format) and viewable by all internet browsers if clicked on locally from Windows.

I will provide all the links and folder locations, and also a sketch of what I would want the page to look like. It will be straight forward.

It has to be original work, and all rights will go to myself once work is done.

I will not be working with contractors with 0.00 Odesk hours who expect money upfront.

Attached is a basic html with the plans, please view

Skills: dhtml

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