Micro Jobwebsite Webdeveloper wanted

Micro Jobwebsite Webdeveloper wanted


Job Description


Please have a look at this site here : http://www.myprofy.com/
It is a Microjob site where users can create accounts and post their Jobs / Tasks and other users can go and select and pay for the tasks they want to purchase.

This site is made using Ruby on Rails but we are open to hear suggestions from your end.

What are we looking for ?

We need a Webdeveloper able to program such a site for us or someone that is able to use existing Software solutions and templates to build such a site for us.

Please have a look at this website and get back to us with a tentative budget that is required for YOU to make a site such as http://www.myprofy.com/ for us.

If you have alternative suggestions ie. to use a different coding language for example please let us know as well.

Looking forward to hear from you

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