Mind Map Creator

Mind Map Creator


Job Description

This job is for someone who is proficient in mind mapping

You will be given the start of a mind map which has been created using freemind.

It''s important that the mind map is collapsible like in the example which is the way it is at the moment. I am looking for someone to create an eye catching mind map which will be expanded on a regular basis.

The mind map itself is actually the core elements that all internet models are formed from and the right applicant need to be able to transform the mind map for html use to show on a website.

Freemind is a good mind mapping software and the best use of this for a website is flash but the important aspect is that it is collapsible. So you start off with the core elements and click on the icons to show more elements.

Freemind does this but I am looking for someone who can create a really eye catching mind map.

I have started the mind map which is not finished and in it I provide the basic elements and some child nodules but I wish to work with the right person to expand the mind map.

So I am looking for a contractor who is a whizz at mind maps who can produce a mind map which far excels the current free mind creation.

If you have extensive experience with mind mapping and wish to apply please provide a sample where the elements collapse (fold) -the mind map should start off with the core elements and if the viewer wishes to see more they click on the element which shows more options and so on.

So I need a visually pleasing expandable mind map ..

I will pay $10 for every 100 nodes produced ...

I am going to set the job at $20 but will obviously pay more -

Skills: design