Misc Data Work

Misc Data Work


Job Description

No Experience Required but you must meet all requirements

I am seeking someone to help me do the following for about 10 hours per week on an ongoing basis.

I am on an extremely limited budget so I need your best bid possible, bids over $1.11 will not be considered, lowest bids will be considered first

1 - Research various websites for questions related to my field
2 - Send me an email with each question

I will record the answer to each question

3 - You will have to transcribe my voice into text
4 - You will have to respond to original question using text you created from my voice response

5 - You will then post entire question and answer on my blog.

Reports will be required daily.
You must be able to transcribe american english properly (you will be tested before hired)
You must know how to post to a wordpress website

To be considered for this job please put "budget" as the first word.

Skills: research, english

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