Mobile App Dev needed: PhoneGap - Hybrid - Cordova

Mobile App Dev needed: PhoneGap - Hybrid - Cordova


Job Description

Build a hybrid mobile app to encourage and track referrals between members of a group.

PhoneGap, Titanium, Cordova etc experience required.

I know the functions I want, but not the design.
Mobile app design a plus.

Goal is a simple, flat interface that anyone can understand in 1 minute.

App will not need to be in any app stores.

Outline & User stories of App:
- Networking for small groups (15-50 users)
- Many small groups (5,000)
- When user installs app, they will select group to join. Drill down based on Country/State/Area/Chapter
- User can only belong to 1 group based on unique ID per user
- On sign up Users create a profile of name, company, title, phone, email, address, etc
- Users Profiles will contain additional data that will be able to be viewed by other members in the Chapter.
- User can add social connectivity to their profile (LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter).

- Allow users in the same Chapter to share information via app, email, text or twitter.

- On install, app will have access to Contacts list in Phone.

- Ability to send a pre-defined email, text, tweet, or pre-recorded voicemail to a Contact.

Ability to charge a flat monthly fee for the app.

Charge $2 for every pre-defined, email, text, tweet or pre-recorded VM

Charge extra for anyone who doesn't send one of the above in the prior month

Pop notifications based on rules. (IE if profile says they "shoe store" pop notice about shoes from other user profiles).

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