Mobile VoIP Dialer

Mobile VoIP Dialer


Job Description

We want to develop app which is similar to below:

Similar functionality or same would be great.

If you have already developed this kind of app or feel that it's you, don't hesitate to contact me.

We required this Dialer for iPhone, android and BB.

1. Fully featured SIP client.
2. Must work with any kind of Soft switch which support SIP.
3. Must support multiple codecs (G711 ,G723 ,G729 ) for sending audio stream.
4. Must support DTMF dialing during a call.
5. Can run behind NAT or on private IP.
6. Can display balance on successful login
7. Can run on application layer so it supports Wifi/GPRS/3G for internet connectivity.
8. client can hear remaining balance by listening to IVR.
9. The ability to change voip provider IP and logo in the software if needed.

Skills: voip