Mobile Web Designer


Job Description


I am looking for a person (or agency) to partner with to deliver mobile websites to my clients.

I offer my clients a basic 5 page mobile website (if they want more they can of course have as many pages as they like at an additional cost)

I am looking for a cheap solution to building these mobile websites and a fast turnaround time. I don’t mind if you use software like “Mobi-o-Matic”, “Ez Mobile Site Generator”, “WP Mobile Pro” or similar to create the mobile sites- however I do expect very professionally looking sites that are free of any coding errors and work perfectly.

Please bear in mind that each client will have slightly different needs so you must be flexible as to what content has to be created.

Personally I prefer mobile websites that use “icons” as navigation as they look similar to apps and are very easy to navigate plus it looks great.

Please apply by letting me know the following:

• Turnaround time for a 5 page mobile website
• What software you’ll use (or custom coded)
• How you would deliver/ install the mobile sites
• The total cost per mobile site and installation (we prefer fixed prices)
• Please send me links to mobile sites that you have designed (ONLY MOBILE WEBSITES!!)



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