Mobile app + Backend

Mobile app + Backend


Job Description

We need to develop a mobile app and a server side app, and the mobile app should be able to communicate with the server side app using RESTful API.

The details of the project will be shared with the selected developer. The following however is a description of the developer skill set.

Phonegap 2.1.0, specifically for android. Ability to write plugins, both as java class and javascript definition. Understanding android side of sending and receiving SMS, background processes, accessing contacts, notifications, incoming and outgoing calls, etc will be useful.

Client side. Some kind of modern javascript MV* framework (like angularjs, but any others are also fine as long as they are GNU or better open source licensed).

Server side. Again, any kind of modern framework is acceptable (nodejs, ruby on rails, as long as it is open source, free and you can set it up for production.) The same logic applies to database.

We have very clear specs and we would prefer to do this as a fixed cost project. In the first round of responses, we would focus on shortlisting.

We want one person to be able to do the whole thing, the client side, the server side, the database. We will be providing the detailed specs, the UI (css, html, images), and the database design.

To start off, with your proposal, we want you to give us the complete stack both on the mobile app and the server side app.