Mockup of a Recruiting web portal

Mockup of a Recruiting web portal


Job Description

We have a project which has just been defined and need a mockup to show the client in order to have a visual aid in showing them we know what we are doing.

This recruiting portal (if it becomes a project) will be on the Microsoft Azure services platform.

The purpose is to have a database of information from various sources, to drill into for potential candidates on highly public or secure job positions with large or government entities.

Job description:
A functional mockup of a great looking UI/UX including 5-10 pages with input criteria, search criteria and reporting criteria which will be the foundation for future development on the Azure web services.

This will be used for recruiting purposes. This information may also need to be manipulated so there could be a need for some data to be altered from the UI.

An example would be any typical information collected for recruiting purposes.
First/Last name - Address - Phone - Email - Job Title - Available for work - Company - Resu...