Moderator For Windows 7 and 8


Job Description

this Software must be installed by the cutomers, and then
he will choose his Moderator, and after this step, the PC
will be at 100% by the controle of the moderator.
the most important :
-FireWall must stop all the ports access without the OK
of the Moderator
-The big Work is with the DVD player and Usb Connections...
-The Moderator can accept Content : one time or permanent Ok
for the same content (if others users will ask it...)
-Serial Number will be gived for every users to identify them
-call to home : in the back office, we can see if every port
is ok in moderation or be cracked by the user...

Option1 :
-Choose the Provider connections

We waiting for your proposal

Best Regards

Skills: windows-7