Modify python script to insert results in mysql db

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Job Description

I have a python script that generates results based on jpg-files it analyzes.

These jpgs are in structured directories and subdirectories based on time in the following format:

This job is to modify the python script so that it runs on all subdirectories given as argument and outputs the results by UPDATING the 'Faces' column in 'Frames' table in a mysql database. Frames table:

EventId needs to be taken from the Events table based on time. Events table:

The FrameId is gotten from the jpg name:
001-capture.jpg 002-capture.jpg 003-capture.jpg
-The numbers are the FrameId's before capture.jpg

So some sql queries are required to get the right row to update but otherwise is a relatively simple job.

Full access to the Ubuntu server will be provided.
Documentation of all changes are extremely important.



Now the script can be run like this:

which runs it on all files given as the argument.

It outputs: 0

where the last '0' is the number to be inserted in the Faces column, but of course its not always a 0.