Modify the Javascript in plupload to store files in

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Job Description

What needs to be done?

Enable plupload to upload files to

What are additional details?

plUpload is client side Javascript for choosing files for upload (typically via PHP, Flash or other approach.) You can see plupload here:

For this project, just modify one of the event capture routines to upload chosen files to while skipping the other uploading approaches. typically needs the File Upload Control which you get from HTML INPUT tags in order to upload files. You will just need to modify plupload to capture and use that control.

What will you deliver?

Modify the example at plupload
to accomplish uploading files to (while skipping the other upload approaches) and supply the code.

What will you need?

The HTML page you will modify is part of the free plupload download. You will see it in the example folder as "events.html"

You will also need to sign up for a free account so you have an application and javascript key for uploading to (We will replace it with our own keys when testing the code.)

Please feel free to bid less or more for this project.