Mongo to My SQL Script

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This project is to create a 'generic' script that can convert ‘any’ mongo database (mongodb) collection to a mysql database.

The underlying premise is that mongo collections can be mapped to mysql tables. The challenge is often what to do with multi-arrays in the objects. We’ve decided to simply create a new table for any arrays that exist. If arrays exist within arrays then a series of tables will be created all with id’s mapping to its parent.

This process must run on a linux server and we are open to the technology it is built in (some options recommended are groovy, scala, jruby but we are open to others as well).

Please see the attached spec with a sample record and a sample mysql data schema.

Note: You must fully test the solution so that it runs on 'any' mongo database collection. This is not a one time conversion. This is a script that we will continue to use on 'any' collection as it arrives.

When bidding, please include details of the technology you will use and your experience with mongo and mysql.

Skills: linux, test

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