Monte Carlo simulation in project evaluations


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Hi I am altay. This year i started to education in english university and I have a assignment about "Monte Carlo simulation in project evaluations". I have read so many thing but I couldn't write anything. I posting you my teacher's instruction of assignment. I hope you can help me.

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In pairs (two students) or individually, carry out a small research project where you find out about a chosen topic from the list below. Write a report in which you discuss the topic from a theoretical perspective, using course literature, scientific articles or other high-quality sources. If you chose to present a case in your report you can use internet-based sources regarding the case, but the theoretical discussion should be based on proper literature.
The report should be written in good English. Style, layout and language are included in the evaluation criteria.
The report should be no longer than 8 pages of text (excluding title page, contents page and list of references).
Several teams can naturally choose the same topic, but the work must to be carried out independently. Works containing plagiarism will be failed.
All reports will be made public to the entire student group at the end, in itslearning.
The topics
1. Choosing the discount rate for a project
2. The effect of taxes on the leverage of a company
3. Leasing as a source of funding
4. Currency fluctuations in international investment projects
5. Monte Carlo simulation in project evaluations
6. Bank funding for investments – evaluation criteria and pricing

Skills: english, finance, research