Music Sales (Online Street Team)

Music Sales (Online Street Team)


Job Description

I am hiring an online street team. I am in need of individuals who know how to sell products online. The products that you will be selling are hip hop music mixtapes. I am looking to hire a permanant team. The job pays $5. The perks are you will recieve $1 comission on every sale completed. I will be hiring and eliminating employees based on active sales. I would like individuals with some background in hip hop music, and you must have a background in sales, and know how to close the sale. I will provide you with the necessary links to my product. Who you sell the product to is not an issue, the sale is the most important issue. This job offers the potential for small commission increases and the ability to make decent pay if you work hard. After a week I require you to at least make 5 sales to recieve payment. However if you fall short I will still pay you the amount due. You control your earning potential. 5 sales is $5 a week. However commission payout is up to how hard you work. So if your up for the job please contact me to get started asap. Everyone will be given a chance. You must complete 5 sales to recieve the $5 pay.

Ex: Week one you employee makes 5 sales your payout will be $5

Ex2: The employee above made an additional 100 sales. The employee would recieve $100

Skills: english, twitter