Musical Composer for Stage Musical

Musical Composer for Stage Musical


Job Description

Mr. Copacabana is the outrageous life story of Monte Proser, creator of the famous Copacabana nightclub and his 30 year working relationship with the leading gangsters of his time. This true story exists as a novel manuscript currently seeking publication and now the musical script is complete - including lyrics. See attachment.

I am paying $250 for MP3 samples of two songs in the attached script - BEGINNER'S LUCK and I LOVE YOU (you will identify these in the script by reading the lyrics - they are not titled). These samples must include the melody and bridge or at least enough of the song to understand what the whole song will be like. Your samples must have vocals but only for phrasing of the lyrics - you don't need to have a professional singer.

REPLY ONLY with these samples. I cannot give artistic direction. Read the script for context and feel of the song.

When selected, the composer will then create the entire score for the show as an equity partner. Depending on the producers involved there may be a production salary for music composition or direction. Solicitations for a workshop production are being submitted now to regional theater companies in the Sarasota, Florida area - a very well-financed theater community.


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