My Sex Diary: My kinks & fetishes (female writer) (adult content)


Job Description


I am building a site called The site is semi-public now but will slowly and gently go live sometime in the first quarter of next year.

Erotic Aria's focal points are personal sex blogs, literary erotica, and paranormal romance. A forum will be added in due course.

For the "Personal Sex Blogs > My Kinks & Fetishes" section I now seek a female creative writer/sex blogger to maintain an explicit and straightforward diary of her real and/or ficticious kink and fetish based sex life.

You will create a full profile on for your charachter complete with representative profile avatar and maintain your blog through that profile. Please visit our Community page to browse our writers' profiles and see how they do things.

Please read our Guidelines for new writers here

The duration of this project is 3 months. You are expected to post 2-3 blogs per week of 200-500 words each, for a total of 10-12 posts per month with at total word count of roughly 3.000 words per month.

Payment for this project is monthly, 1/3 of the project fee. As my mind is like a sieve I must ask you to send me a reminder through oDesk at the end of each month, reminding me that it is now time to pay you. I do not consider this rude - quite the contrary, it is very necessary and ensures that you get paid on time.

The copyright of everything you post is yours. Please read our Terms where the details are spelled out.

Erotic Aria is a very public site. Everything you post can be located through search engines and shared on social networks.

I am ideally looking for a long term relationship with a creative writer / sex blogger who wishes to use the Erotic Aria platform to build a name for herself online.

In your approach a sample of the kind of writing the site might expect to see from you.

Thank you for reading.

Jen Kristjansson
Erotic Aria publisher