MySQL RHEL DRBD Installation Documentation

MySQL RHEL DRBD Installation Documentation


Job Description

Hello, we need someone to install and configure DRBD (or allow for automagic master 1 to master 2 fail over) on our 3 test servers. mysql01 is the application server talking to mysql02 and mysql03 which are mysql 5.1.34 database servers in multimaster mode. I need document to show DETAILED how to setup DRBD on RHEL 5.5. mysql01 is talking to mysql02 as application server to database server. mysql02 is multimastered to mysql03.

Scenario is: Application server mysql01 is talking to dedicated MySQL Database Server running on mysql02. mysql02 is replicating to mysql03. If mysql02 dies, all the traffic AUTOMATICALLY goes to mysql03 (or mysql03 becomes mysql02 via VIP) and then when the original mysql02 comes back online, the two servers synchronize and then back to mysql02 and mysql03 server status.

Skills: redhat