Native English Content Writers

Native English Content Writers


Job Description


* Writers to produce at least 2 articles/blog posts daily on various topics.
* Writers who can MANUALLY rewrite our articles to post on our other sites.


* Must be a native English speaker from North America.
* Must be able to write during the daylight US hours.
* MUST know how to use h1, h2, h3 headings, bullet points and numbered lists, and actually use them in your articles.
* Must communicate through Skype.
* MUST have your own Copyscape account and use it to run your documents before submission.
* Must provide a sample of your writing or links to content published online.

Follow the steps below or your application will be declined immediately.

1) Write 100-150 words on the benefits of content marketing. It must be unique. It will be run through Copyscape.
2) Provide a link to or upload a sample of your writing that includes h2, h3 headings and bullet points and/or numbered lists.
3) Make your hourly bid match the amount you want PER 500-WORD ARTICLE.

Please do NOT include anything else in your oDesk application except for what we've asked for above. If you do, we'll assume you can't follow directions and will decline your application.

Good luck!

Skills: english