Need Facebook Likes

Need Facebook Likes


Job Description

Hello, I have a Facebook Page and Have Only 300 Likes

I need you to get me to 1000 Additional Likes by Promoting It, Writing about it

I need you to get me Likes from People Living in Country UAE

I know the result will not be exactly that, and I will have likes form other countries as well....but atleast i want to see your attempt and approach is correct

I recently hired a contractor and he gave me likes from USA, Europe, UK, Canada and all sorts of random places and each profile showed....that each person had about 300+ Likes already...meaning they like 300+ random pages and were obviously fake account....with random photos and few it was not real at all

if you can do a real job, apply here....and in your application, i need you to mention what will you do on facebook to get me targeted users

(please note - i dont want any false promises to go online, about giving away free gifts or something) (and on the other hand, i will help you reach your posting special offers, news and so that we reach our target on time) (our target is not 1000, but 10,000 likes in 3 months please answer the above query and so we can start ASAP....Thank you

Skills: facebook

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