Need GIF File to be Created

Need GIF File to be Created


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I need GIF Files to be created so that, it could be used as Display Pictures on a Blackberry Phone

The file has to be in gif format (less than 32KB in size) (and a Square image)

What i need in the file is --
1) It will show a message Happy New Yeart 2013 (this will be on top right) (this will shimmer and glitter) (animation)
2) i need my photo in that (it will be still) (this is will be on the left side)
3) below the Happy New Year thing....There will be an will show....3 brands.... Gucci, Reebok and Nike....and these 3 will change...with an affect like...there will be a stamp coming in...and as if it is stamping Gucci and then stamp goes out...and then immediately the stamp comes in again and stamps Reebox and goes out and then comes in and stamps Nike...and so on...

i need 10 of these with different brands and different persons picture also...basically in total i need 10 GIF Files

all will be similar...but in each image there will be different brand and different persons picture....and happy new year 2013 will remain in all of them

see the attachment...need happy new year same like this

and on left need persons picture and below happy new year...need the brands and stamp effect....

you can create and show me a sample with any persons picture and any brands....lets get that right and i will assign the work...


Skills: blackberry, design

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