Need 'Like gate' Wordpress Plugin Built

Need 'Like gate' Wordpress Plugin Built


Job Description

I need a Wordpress plugin developed which allows me to hide content until a user likes / tweets / or +1s a URL. Once they've shared that URL the hidden content is shown.

For example, I place the following code on my page

Download our new single by liking or tweeting us below
[widgetshortcode]THIS CONTENT IS HIDDEN UNTIL LIKE[/widgetshortcode]

I need to be able to
1) Change the URL being liked / shared
2) Use this with short codes AND PHP code
3) Integrate tweets, likes, and +1s

As mentioned, it must be built as a Wordpress Plugin, so it should come up on post or pages where I can simply enter the URL I want liked, and the content I want to hide.

Please let me know how much this would cost, what questions you have, and how long it'd take you to build this - any applications that fail to include all three details will be deleted. Please also send examples of WP plugins you've built.

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