Need Signups in our website

Need Signups in our website


Job Description


we are looking for an experts person who can provide us up to 50K signup per month in our website.
we need free signups our site is related to gaming which doesn't required any email verifications, so just fill and done.
so the workers can use either VPN, drive incentive traffics, signup by own anything but we need real signups also.
we are expecting atleast 10-15k signups every week and our goal is to reach 50-60K signups every months.

we will pay $100USD per 15K signups this is long time opportunity that means its a excellent money making opportunity for you if you know how to get signups and if you're able to provide that much of signups every month then you will get paid every month till we need it.
you can make upto $400USD per month by doing this work.

condition to apply this job...

* we are expecting very hard working person who can spend more than 5-6 hours a day online.
* you should be very punctual regarding the time and have to deliver project and report on a time no delay will be accepted.
* only apply for this job when you're completely sure that you can do this job dont waste our time.

* payment will be done every week once you finish and submit the first 15K

**we are ready for the interview**

Skills: gaming