Need Someone with The Best Spinner

Need Someone with The Best Spinner


Job Description

I have 15 Articles and I need someone to spin them using TheBestSpinner software to make 5 new and unique versions of each article.


Purpose of the job is getting 75 new articles from existing 15.
The spun versions MUST make sense and the sentences should be grammatically correct. I will not pay if the sentences seem to be not making any sense at all.
The existing articles have 500+ words each. Spun versions' word count should not be any less than 500 words.
For new versions, you will send me 75 files; each containing a single article only.
Name of the files should be same as original file. You will just add a number to it. For instance, if original file I provided has name, "Wedding Photographer"; the files with this article's spun version will be named as Wedding Photographer-1, Wedding Photographer-2, Wedding Photographer-3, ....

While applying for this job, please state how soon you will deliver these spun versions.

My budget per article's spinning (for making its 5 new versions) is $1. Means, $15 for all 15 articles. Each article will have 5 spun versions. Hope you got me.

People who do not have The Best Spinner and who use other spinning software should not apply here.

Skills: english