Need Video editor to edit skiing videos daily

Need Video editor to edit skiing videos daily


Job Description


We are a video production company, specialized in ski school videos, our product strives to show the progress kids and adults have while taking ski lessons and how much fun they have while taking them.
The final product is a video that serves our customers as a never ending memory of the trip they had.

Im looking for a video editor that's able to:
-download up to 5GB of foottage daily (good internet connection is a must)
-Watch all the footage sent for the day (videos and pictures)
-Select the best scenes and pictures
-Compile them in a 3 to 5 minute video with an audio track in 3 hours work using creative techniques (slow motions, accelerations, video matching the music, etc)
-Upload it as soon as finished (we need to have it by the next day in the morning the latest)

If you are able to complete this tasks in a professional manner please message me with a sample of your edits.
Here's a sample one of our editors compiled:

Thanks a lot!

Skills: video

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