Need a TCP/IP, XML, PHP and JSON Expert to create an API


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We are currently a pizza company who has a POS system from speedline ( Currently we only operate in our shops but we want to be able to create

- mobile applications
- website ordering
- facebook apps

for customers to be able to send their orders through to us. So all this data needs to be sent to our POS system speedline. We need to buy the speedline API which is very expensive $2.5k, so I only want to take the job if someone is confident in creating our very own API that can connect into speedline. The different modules of the architecture will be

- Speedline (POS) In order to interact with speedline, we need to create an orderlink gateway. You can find out more info here about it. connection to the orderlink gateway is like a telnet connection and you need to stream the XML data to the IP and port. When you send the “add Ticket” message to the store SpeedLine authenticates it and then creates a ticket in the system. Speedline replies with an XML with the required information(ticket id, total etc)

- Cybersource - this is our payment gateway which will be used to authorize transactions through the mobile apps. Please see the integration guide here.
- CMS and Database, this will hold all of our restaurant information, menus, prices, user information and order information as well.

- The API will then connect all these modules as it will connect to our database, make a connection with cybersource and make a connection with speedline also and expose methods for our mobile apps to perform actions.

- Mobile Apps - the mobile apps will be able to pull data like the menu, user info through the api. Also when an order has to be made, it will send the details to the api and the api first validates the transaction with cybersource. Only if this is successful will the app send the order details to speedline and down to our database.

I have also attached a document with the system architecture so you understand what has to be done. Later I can even show you the app wire frames to show you what is the data in the app.

We need someone to develop the iphone and android phone apps as well so its a plus if you develop them.

We are looking for a person who is an expert in
- Communication using TCP/IP
- Experience with telnet
- Familiar with xml and xml streaming
- Knowledge of accepting payments through credit cards in apps
- Integration with payment gateways
- Creating restful API's
- Android and IPhone programming a plus

I want someone who is hardworking, easy to communicate with and has good experience with getting their hands dirty with code. You need to stick to deadlines and I want to see your previous work which might be similar to creating API's, integrating payment gateways, integrating into POS.

You will have 3 months to finish the task of creating
- Creating a database and CMS to manage all of the restaurant and POS data
- Creating a restful API that implements the integration into speedline and cybersource and also allows mobile apps, websites, facebook apps and other 3rd party apps to integrate into it.

After this, if we are happy, we could give you the opportunity to develop the IPhone app, online website ordering and Android app also.

Thank You.

Skills: json, facebook, android-development, iphone-development, cache-database

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