Need a Web Designer to Design Webpage for a Nonprofit Organization


Job Description

I am an amateur triathlete who started a non-profit organization in Hawaii to rase awareness for the autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have this disease and I intend to raise awareness all over the world. I also have a website(, but it needs to be redone completely and all of my sponsors need better advertisement, I need more hits, I need to be able to track my hits. I would like my blog to be connected better and be able to solicit donations better. Soon the organization will have 501c3 status. I also would like my training regimen to be accessible by my subscribers and sell wristbands and other merchandise on the site. Obviously we will have to chat more about my expectations. I would also like to hear and consider your suggestions based on your expertise in web design.

Please be reasonable in hourly rate. Please understand, read, write, and speak English well. Please be knowledgeable in web design and have previous professional work experience as a web designer or developer.