Need a custom wordpress plugin

Need a custom wordpress plugin


Job Description

I want a plugin that can author a popup:
- with arbitrary content (editable with wysiwyg)
- customizable size
- can be assigned to any post or page on your wordpress
- can be assigned to users by location (based on IP)
- configure how long it takes before it pops up
- configure how long it takes to disappear (with visual timer)

1. The plugin should allow the content of the popup to be customizable from the backend. (User can choose to display an image, or optin form, or anything they like)

2. The plugin should also allow different popups to be assigned on different page/post

3. If the user chooses the popup to appear after 1 minute, the popup at the frontend that appears to visitor should display something like "You have read this article for x minute & x second". The second can be a random number from 1 - 59 to be more realistic.

4. The ability to detect IP is very important. Because my traffic is from the USA, UK and Canada. For example, if traffic from USA visits the page titled "World History", a popup will appear offering a free "USA History E-book". If a visit from other country visits the page, the popup will show a free "Oversea History E-book".

5. I should be able to choose the feature I want from the backend. For example, I might want the same popup to appear to everyone regardless of the country they are from on page/post 1, and I don't want to have a timer on the popup on page/post 2. So I should be able to configure that for different popups.

That's all for now.