Need a small program to automate maintenance tasks


Job Description

I want a small exe program on client computer to find text file on my website, follow the commands in the text file and do tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly basis with tasks like defrag, anti-virus, remove junk files. This program will run as a service in the background, once setup, everything done silently, so client won’t get any prompt.

Website batch script will be in text file and I will use ftp to upload new changes on the website. client exe check web server for script for new script every time it executed. If it doesn't find it, it will not run.

Path will be like:

Additional Requests:

* Any questions, feel free to ask.

* Programmer need to talk to me often with updates and get feedback.

* I'm looking to do this as cheaply as possible, please give me your best price possible! Looking for price offer range $40-60, this is my budget.