Need allot of good salesman ( get good paid) there is a high chance you will be elected


Job Description


I just started as a web designer
But I have some Issues with finding new costumers,
So I'm searching for someone that is very good at finding new costumer.

So you must have very good skills with: Emailing, Calling,( And maybe with some offline marketing ).
So shortly said: you must be a good salesman.

This is system we are working with:

For every sale you get 10% from the full sale ( we work only with fixed prices)
This means if you can find someone that wants so pay $400
You get $40
But if you can find a customer that is willing to pay $700 or $1200 or even more
You get $70 or $120 or even more per costumer!
And I'm sure there are customers who want
To pay this amount of money for a website this

You must find customers that at least want to pay $300 or else I can’t get profit form it
But you are aiming on costumers that are willing to pay that amount (like I said in the last example $700 or $1200 or more) (Let the customers pay as much as possible) so that we benefit both.

Skills: marketing