Need an exact replica of logo.

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Job Description

Hi there, we are looking for an exact replica of the logo attached to this post

Keep in mind that this logo will be the source of the wp design after it's done, meaning, after you design the logo, we will hire you or someone else that know wordpress, php and css to design the rest of the site.

This will be a wordpress multi site and you can enhance the logo a little but make sure to keep the same colors (blue and grey) and design aspects.

We will need 3 logos:
1. Just the logo.
2. The logo with "WORRDS" written under it. (same as example in attachment)
3. The logo with "WORRDS" written to the right of the logo.

The colors for WORRDS (in number 2 and 3) are as follow:
WO (Blue)
RR (Gray)
DS (Same Blue)

We will need at least 2 sizes of all 3 above.
We will need the original files as well.

We are in a hurry, we will take the first person who promise to finish this job as quickly as possible.

Skills: design

Open Attachment