Need help with avi to dvd


Job Description

I need this job done quickly by someone who knows what they are doing and it should be an easy job.

I have a video that I've had created in .avi format (31.9MB), as well as .iso. However, when the file is burned on a DVD, the edges (top, bottom, left and right) are cut off.

First, I need someone to tell me what is going on. I am suspicious that it has to do with the settings on the TV or DVD player.
Second, I would like someone to put black bars around the existing video so if the tv cuts it off due to overscan, the video is intact and just the black bars are cut off.

I also have the .pptx file and audio (doesn't need to by synced to slides), if that would make the job easier/faster. I would just need the timing on the slides (if you redo the video) to match the existing .avi file exactly.

Must be done today!

Skills: video