Need inexpensive lawyer for contracts, letters, filings.

Need inexpensive lawyer for contracts, letters, filings.


Job Description

*This is a long-term position for our core team. Wages will increase commensurate with team revenue.*

Hello. I'm looking for an inexpensive lawyer, retired lawyer, or law student who can draft legal documents for me on a low volume, sporadic, yet permanent basis.

I think it is necessary for you to be based in the US, but I'm not sure, I'd have to ask my lawyer.

How it works: Using whatever hourly rate we agree to, e.g. $60/hr, I ask for a Skype Appointment. When we start the appointment, your billable time starts. You answer my questions, transfer any stock forms, etc. If you need to generate a document or email, you log and bill for that time.

I pay at whatever time or interval we agree to, or monthly.

Example services:

1. Generating a motion to dismiss document
2. Sending a scary letter
3. Drafting a lease
4. Reviewing a contract
5. Allowing me to reference you as "My lawyer will fucking destroy" during pretend threats

p.s. You have to be also interested in saving the world.