Need mobile app as well as desktop website


Job Description

We are an online retail startup. We need to have a mobile app and desktop website for our business. We are planning to launch our app and website by April 15th.
Mobile app and website shall have listing of all the retail products. Database shall be provided by our team. App and website shall have features of online check out, automated quote generation, payment gateway etc.
Customer/users of app/ website should be able to create a profile and order goods online.
This intuitive and user friendly app shall be compatible with both IOS and android platforms. PHP or HTML5 is the preference as a scripting language for web development.
We expect a full time developer to finish this task in less than 60 days. As we plan to release updated version also, we expect future support from the same developers.

Companies having past experience in setting up websites for retail, grocery, restaurants would be given preference. If you want to bid, please send us details/ links of your past work related to the online retail. Preference for scripting language is HTML5.
Following are key features of the app:
• Automatic quote generation
• forwarding notifications from one to many and many to one
• Online check out and payment
• Shopping Cart
• Ratings and reviews