Need programable timer circuit to unlock servo

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Project is a home made time capsule.
Need a circuit, with a RTC, LCD and keypad (for inputting data - setting time, setting delay to open, and adding currency)

I need a simple circuit for setting a delay to turn a servo (unlock) the unlock delay, may be as long as years.

The user can input a delay in years, months or days and hours, to activate a servo to unlock at the delay time, set by user.

Initially the date and time is programmed by the user. Also user sets
the unlock time and date to turn servo (unlock mode)

Need circuit board with LCD and a timer circuit. Would be nice if circuit can sleep when not disturbed after a few moments etc.

During any interaction by user:
I would like LCD to display current time, and date, then display the delay unlock time in days and hours remaining till unlock.
device will need a keypad to add currency added to my box. , that user deposits into box. This will simply add totals in US dollars, need input in dollars and cents.
.53 or 234.00 or 50.00 etc.

Device will need a battery input leads (I will connect batteries) and a low voltage input (for emergency power due to battery failure)

Everything on circuit board for user interaction : LCD, Keypad, Servo, battery inputs and low voltage power input will need about 8" of wire, from circuit board, so I can
mount these items on the outside of my box. The circuit board will be inside box.

lastly I need an over ride code for emergency unlock. ie a special sequence on keypad (long number sequence), to over ride program, and unlock servo. Then circuit must go right back into set delay time to reactivate time safe sequence.

I am very flexible on any of the above options.