Need reliable affordable providers of online marketing services

Need reliable affordable providers of online marketing services


Job Description

1) I am a B2B 1-person company that provides off-line marketing services to small businesses in my area. These range from direct mail, to logo design, sales training, graphic design, etc.

2) A few months ago I contracted with an individual from India who started designing basice websites that I sold. For a very affordable (by US standards of course) fee, I will register a domain for a client, design a 5-7 webpage websites, upload it on my server and host if for a year. My deal with the mentioned website designer is that he will do the above website for a fixed price (say $X) and I sell the website for $Y and everyone is happy. I bring the sales from local businesses (via a telemarketer, direct mail, faxing, etc.) and he does the job. My clients never email, talk or skype with my contractor and v.v. I and my contractor are happy with the relationship.

3) I want to expand my activites to cover other on-line marketing services using the above template that I have with my Indian contractor to cover the following:\

A) Local SEO
B) Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords and Yahoo PPC)
C) Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
D) Mobile Marketing
E) SMS Marketing B2B and B2C
F) Email Marketing/Campaigns (B2B and B2C Email Campaigns, Geo-Targeted by City, County, State, Region and USA
G) Website Traffic

4) I personally would rather have several contractors offer me one or more services than one contractor doing it all. The danger of the latter is that if I work hard to get the sales for each of the above for the contractor to perform the work at a fixed price, I would not want to be under the mercy of the contractor: he/she may quit, suddenly raise their rates or become too busy for me and my clients.

5) In short, I want affordable reliable contractors who can give me an affordable fixed price for one or more of the above services that I can sell to small businesses, basically following my superb experience with the mentioned individual who is doing websites and has done almost 10 of them in a few months! He honors his price, goes out of his way to satisfy my customer's requests, never attempts to contact them directly (although has their emails that he gets through me to input in the website design), and finishes the project on time and at the fixed price we agreed upon. He is a smart guy since he knows that if he breaches one of the above obligations, I will terminate our relationsip on the spot and find a replacement in a day or two.

6) Affordabililty and reliability are key to what I am looking for, assuming of course that you are an expert in the field or fields that you are bidding on. So you understand why the above is paramount, my clients are tiny businesses like myself, mostly home based individuals, husband and wife teams, etc. They range from an insurance lady, to a new business in the home care, to an auto mechanic, to a deli owner, etc. They all want to have online services, focuses on local marketing in their area (why would a deli owner want to promote his/her products outside the city where he is in?), etc. I have not signed one business yet that wants to promote his/her company on a state wide or national scale, although I may come across such requests in the future.

7) I suggest that you do not attempt to try to bid on ALL the services, although you may be qualified to do all of them. Logically, it would make sense for me to have one outfit do everything. But on the other side of the coin, signing up one company for all is something I want to avoid for the reasons mentioned n #4 above. I would not mind signing up 2 contractors who can do all of the services and split the work amongst them. But with me starting to launch the sales campaign, there will not be much coming for a couple of weeks. I just want to be very frank with everyone right from the start.

8) I had to put the figure $50 as a place holder just to fill that budget requirement. I understand each service will have its own fee.

Skills: design, training, faxing, yahoo, facebook, twitter, linkedin

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