Need someone to conduct an investment analysis report

Need someone to conduct an investment analysis report


Job Description

Hi there, we are in need of someone who's perfect in English academic writing to write a 1000-word analysis report excluding graphs & tables.

To save everyone's time here, please give us an example of Harvard reference format for both in text reference and reference in the list. Also please explain what ASX and market model is.

If you don't know the answers above, please DO NOT apply because you might eventually get rejected.

Hope you can understand that we need to screen a bunch of recycled cover pages submitted by some candidates without looking through the job description.

The aim of the project is to analyse the effect of takeover announcements on
the share prices of target companies. This should be done using an event study (will provide documents to explain the event study after you passed the interview).

There were a large number of corporate takeovers in Australia during the late 1990s and the early 2000s. We will provide an excel spreadsheet icontains a list of 13 companies that were takeover targets during this period, and their adjusted share prices over a 5 year period (prices are adjusted to include dividends). The All-Ordinaries Index is also provided for this period. You will determine the 8 Australian listed companies that they are required to investigate (GIO, ANI, TYA, MPT, AAP, AAA, PNI, CGH)

The event window should encompass the 10 day period prior to and after the
takeover announcement. You should estimate the market model for the
estimation period t=-510 to t=-11 as a measure of expected returns.

The project should be provided in report format. This should include an
indication of the methodologies employed and any limitations. When providing your results, two key questions are required to be answered:

a) Explain whether the market model is the most appropriate model to estimate
expected returns. In your answer you should discuss the merit of using an
accumulation index rather than return index as the single factor and whether
other models

b) Paying separate attention to the period preceding the takeover
announcement, the time of the announcement and the period after the
announcement, what are the implications of your findings for market

Skills: finance, academic-writing, english, analysis

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