Need to have a simple page coded

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Job Description

We are redesigning the "support our friends" page at this link:
into the attached image.

The support our friends page must have continuity as on other pages. For example, the logo, menu, etc must all be in the same exact location on this page. The events page may be used as a "template" to build this one.

The functionality of the page-
The brown text that says "Name of a business" must have a link tag on it.

The brown text on the right-hand side of the image that says contact us, should direct the user to the contact us page.

The scrollbar on the righthand side should *only* scroll through the list of businesses in the right box (The left box with the businesses is fixed not scrolling).

The scrollbar must look like it does in the design. The code for this scrollbar may be reused from this page:
and click on:
Rabbi Simon Jacobson

This page *MUST* be pixel perfect. No objects should be jumping around when going to other pages!

The code MUST be clean so that future changes can be easily made to this page.

The css on this page should be reused from previous pages.

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