Need to make a Cartoon or Sketch Logo Design

Need to make a Cartoon or Sketch Logo Design


Job Description

Our company wants to make a logo that's creative and different. We are a high-end company that deals in diamonds of all shapes - rounds, princess cuts, pear shape, marquise, etc.

I saw two different things that I really liked (attached) to give you some idea:

- One idea is a cartoon figure..I thought maybe make a cartoon logo?

- One is a diamond stencil sketch. I thought a possible idea would be to make a diamond stencil sketch with all the different shapes of a diamond (round, princess cut, marquise, pear, emerald..) as part of the sketch.

If you're interested in this job, when you submit your interest also please specify in a message what you think about the two ideas I have and what you think you would be able to do.

Skills: design

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