Need web promo videos for an event! - URGENT

Need web promo videos for an event! - URGENT


Job Description


I have an event called "2012 and Beyond" and I am looking for someone to create a few different promo videos that I can use to promote the event on YouTube and to add them on some landing pages.

I would like it to be a combination of voice over, applicable b-roll footage, and other imagery... to bring the landing pages to life and to entice people to register.

Below are some links to our current landing pages (which are now going thorough professional graphic production) but the wording is fairly much final... there are 6 landing pages because I am targeting 6 main audiences.

I am only looking for maybe 2 or 3 different videos that are different. With all the verbiage on the site you should be able to create some scripts fairly easily. Yes... I need scripting help... so I am asking for your marketing and sales skills as well. - general audience - new age - guru centric - end of the world - self help - change

Here is Louix's YouTube Channel to get a feel for Louix... - I can provide newer footage of Him if you want to edit some of that in, as he no longer has a beard. Here are is a link for recent images...

To be considered... please show me examples of your past work and let me know your availability as this is an URGENT job... so let me know how long you think it will take.

Please... I am looking for some professionalism here... not just a slideshow with VO. I can make that myself in Animoto. :)

If your work is good... I will have more!


Skills: youtube, marketing

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