Need website build (possible build ajax or HTML5 and CSS3)

Need website build (possible build ajax or HTML5 and CSS3)


Job Description

Website Developer needed. We will provide PSD files (we would need to have sliced) and you can also see attached prototype of website.

AJAX (or HTML5 and CSS3 - if you think can be done)

Build using AJAX so that the transition between various images as you scroll is smooth. Example of a site with smooth transition of content (But not sure about the code so use this example tenuously):

My knowledge is a bit limited around this area but from what I know to make an AJAX site crawlable by Google you have to use a special token in the hash fragments, meaning each image will have its own URL.

More on making AJAX crawlable by Google here:

Screen resolution:

Design for min 1280x768 desktop resolution. Preferable to use response design to accommodate smaller resolutions (mobile & tablet). Aware that this will require us to create the state and interactions for each screen on mobile and tablet. Will do this when I get back.

I need to see your HTML5 work. Please include min five link of HTML work

Skills: design