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Have knowledge of World of Warcraft? I am looking into getting a custom module developed that will pull character activity feeds into my SE4 site

Here is what I need:

1. Pull character achievement feed data and graphics found here as example:

2. Pull activity feed based on user profile setting of Character Name, Server and server location (US or EU) - already have in profile fields (notice url http://us and http://eu)

3. Feed data pulled ever 'x' hours (configurable via admin settings) PER user level SE4 site has. How can we avoid getting duplicate postings?

4. Optionally Publish to user profile activity feed and optionally main activity feed via admin setting.. user and admin needs full privacy control

5. Feed data imported must be able to be commented on and likes as it is with the activity feed now

5. Admin setting of how many entries to publish per user level - so not to clutter the site.

Here is a thread on it:

Here is a link I found on the New API:

Here is an example of a wordpress plugin that does a bit what I am asking in general terms:

Any thoughts would be appreciated..

Skills: graphics, import

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