Norwegian voiceover for children's book app

Norwegian voiceover for children's book app


Job Description

I am making a childrens book app for ipad, written and painted by the Norwegian artist Tor Rafael Raael. THe book will have text + a button for voiceover. Voice must be by a Norwegian speaker.

We were planning to do the voice ourselves, but a test reading showed we probably need som pro help.

1850 words (10.000 characters with spaces), divided into 80 short sections.

If you can read a few sentences as a test and send, it would be great. (I find it hard to evaluate voices done in other genres, such as advertising)

I think perhaps a "medium" neutral reading would be suitable, at least no "funny" barnetv-voices. But please make your own interpretation.

Not sure what such things cost, please make an offer. (it is an independant release, so there is not a huge budget, sorry)

Output will primarily be a stereo wav (or perhaps mp3). I can edit and make the separate files my self in the end.


Skills: ipad, test

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