OTR plugin for Blink SIP client


Job Description

Implement Off-the-Record Messaging capabilities http://www.cypherpunks.ca/otr/ in Blink SIP client http://icanblink.com with chat capabilities.


- Blink Cocoa source code is available at:

- Blink Chat stream Python API is described here:

The API consists of the functions for sending out messages and notifications for delivery confirmations and receiving of incoming messages.

Programming environment

Blink is written in Python, the code must be written in Python language.

- MacOSX Lion 10.7
- XCODE 4.3.3
- Python 2.6

The developer must be familiar with MacOSX development environment.

The developer must understand as an end-user how OTR works by having at least used an OTR implementation with XMPP clients http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/OTR

There is no actual GUI development involved, the GUI elements that are required for interacting with the OTR will be developed in parallel by another third-party that will also provide the support for the developer.


1. A design document (proposed classes, attributes methods, a description of the interaction with the Blink GUI and Blink middleware, something that show understanding of the things that need to be coded). As GUI modifications will be required, that are performed by another party, a description of the new windows/views or configuration data that needs to be saved between restarts or per chat buddy required by OTR functionality must be provided.

2. Actual software implementation based on the above plan. The software will be delivered as a diff to the Blink source tree provided as a start point.

3. Real-time testing of OTR enabled chat session between the two of us.

Skills: design