Office Auto Pilot and Pilot Press Configuration and Set-Up

Office Auto Pilot and Pilot Press Configuration and Set-Up


Job Description

You must be experienced in doing this to apply.

You must be able to work for the next 24 hourrs to complete this work and be able to communicate by speaking on Google Hangout in English and be able to complete all the tasks listed.

The current contractor has been admitted to hospital and cannot finish this by the Sunday night deadline of 9pm Eastern USA time, therefore we are looking for someone to complete the list of work and do any amendments the client needs and complete the work by Tuesday 3pm Eastern USA time.

This works listed need to be completed by 9pm Sunday July 28th a Eastern Time in the USA.

Please do not apply if you cannot do it and do not have the experience we do not ahve time to experiment.

Here is what is needed:

Load videos and there are 14 of them

Load Documentation there are about 35 documents to load

Change order of the modules that are already loaded
Rename the modules where required to fit tab width

Create and configure memberships and access there are 7 different membership levels

Set memberships for drip and restricted access by type of business

Link the portal to Social Media sites

Check, test and prove the integration of OAP with Pilot Press with 1SC and Paymall

Launch sequences and e-mails write the copy for the e-mails if you can but if not reflect this in a lower price.

Load the 31 different contact lists which total 4500 contacts.

I do not do Skype, so please donĀ“t ask. Google Hangouts work.