Online Backup Service


Job Description

** Please note that we are looking for applicants to provide some comments/questions/estimations in their response as we cannot test all applications provided in work history lists. **


Our company has been providing online backup services for the past 8 years and we are now looking for a fresh start on developing our own platform.

We are looking to develop our own online backup system comparable to those in the market, such as Vembu Storegrid, Mozy, XYZBackup but with a clean & simple Windows Interface.

** We currently use Vembu's Storegrid for several sites so functionality on par with this would be required. **

The core concerns are as follows:
- Compatibility from Windows XP to current Desktop/Server OS & 32/64 bit
- VSS for in-use files.
- Compression for minimal bandwidth & rsync-type incremental.
- Encryption of files befor transmission & decryption for restoration.
- File/folder monitoring via FileSystemWatcher / comparable system.
- Preconfigured backups for email, documents, favorites.
- Expansion into server-level backups (mySQL, MSSQL, IIS, Exchange, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Disk Imaging, etc)

Plus the 'industry standard' features found in all packages.

The client side should be a simple forms system. Having remote managment (such as per-instance VNC) or configuration of the client from a helpdesk system would be recommended.

The server side would consist of a file repository, a mySQL database managing the repository & client records (such as reports, invoicing, etc). The server should allow customers to login and download/restore individual files via a webpage in a DropBox type layout.

We have functional VB.NET code that we developed 6 months ago covering the operational requirements that can be used an example for the operational tasks.

This initial project will be followed up with a DropBox type sharing system and cloud solutions so this has the potential to become a long-term contract.

Coding language would be to your preference with all code and materials developed provided to us. Testing platforms and software can be provided as required.

If you believe you would complement our team please contact us for further information about this project.

Skills: test, filezilla-ftp, .net, microsoft-windows, server-administration